About us

At NizWorld, we like to provide each patient with personalized care customized to suit their needs. We thoroughly understand the fact that every patient has specific demands and accordingly, we deliver the best result possible. Through our free medical consultation services, we recommend the treatment and medical procedure for you, after you contact us with your requirements. We honor the trust placed in us by each patient and strive to provide the best medical care. Our concern is to help the patients who choose us for their treatment, get well soon in a hospitable, friendly and dedicated environment. Our translation services ensure that communication is smooth between our patients and us. Transparency is our motto and in accordance to that, we provide them with affordable treatment which is of the highest standard.

Most of the facilities associated with us are equipped with highly advanced medical equipment and their teams of expert doctors are internationally trained. Doctors and nurses are committed to patients’ well-being and are meticulous in their effort to help them regain their health.

Our dedicated staff is at your service 24x7. We assist you with your insurance requirements and our tie-up with doctors globally ensuring that your post procedure needs are met.

Our exclusive travel desk assists you through the visa process, which is now extremely easy due to the M-visa facility. We arrange for your travel and secure accommodation for you, according to your budget.

Free airport pick up and drop is a complementary service, and we arrange for you to enjoy the popular tourism and heritage spots in Chennai.


  • The nationals of every country benefit by the best healthcare opportunities in India.
  • The best of the NizWorld standards and services; in India is spread all across the world.
  • The better healthcare practices, inclusive of training of medical personnel and absorption of relevant technologies into the healthcare realms, is secured to the benefit of the inland and global clients in India.
  • The average lifespan of any person is as good as the best in the world.


  • Fulfill worldwide demand for Healthcare Services in India.
  • Support all off-shore clients, agencies and organizations, with relevant in-bound services to India.
  • Enable the clients with updated information on NizWorld solutions in India.
  • Ensure that the clients have the best among the options concerning their care, cure and comfort aiming at promoting their health and happiness.

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to NizWorld

It is a well known fact that many people across the world are now looking to India for their healthcare needs and services. The Yogas, meditations and many other natural treatments and remedies from India, are already familiar to the many people across the world. In addition, by the quality and quantum of medical facilities and medical professionals, India has also grown to be a leading medicare destination for the health tourists, abroad.

In such a situation, where there is a wide option of medical procedures - from the mainstream to the complementary and the alternative, besides the wide preferences of the medical tourists and the rush there is, for admissions into hospitals, makes it essential for a personalized care to every visiting foreigner, until their return journey.

NizWorld has ventured to offer this much required support and updated information on Medicare solutions to the tourists, intending to have their medical procedures in India.

I am sure to place before you, all the possible cure options available in India, and ensure that you have no wait period for admission and that the procedures are begun at the earliest.

NizWorld Board of Advisors, drawn across the globe, shall offer you the best of treatment options and its network of partner hospitals shall provide you the needed healthcare services.

Our Relationship Officers at the airports in India are prepared to collect you safe from the port and convey you comfortably to the Hospitals of your choice.

NizWorld shall also be privileged to serve you by your choices, facilitate with your requirements and arrange for your return home.

I am proud to represent your case to our team of experts and partnering hospitals in India and enable you with informed decisions for your health and happiness.